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6th Annual Green Homes & Sustainable Communities Conference

New Orleans, LA | July 14 - 15, 2011


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Conference Panels Included:

Inspiration and Lessons from the Gulf Coast

How sustainable development has been a key element in rebuilding communities across Mississippi and Louisiana'and what we've learned to set the stage for a new generation of green and high-performance building

Achieving High-Level Green Impact through Transit-Oriented Development

Emphasizing transit corridors and place-based developments to maximize transportation options'and exploring how policy and financing opportunities are driving the growing focus on high-impact sustainable sites

Beyond the Sticks and Bricks: Integrating Behavior Change into Design, Development, and Operations to Maximize Sustainability Benefits

Learning how education, training, sound management, and behavioral science are all playing important roles in more fully realizing the benefits of green building

  • Resources and tools for engaging property managers
  • What owners are doing to encourage residents to adopt green living practices
  • Bringing green building benefits into the development company

Expanding the Use of New Markets and Renewable Energy Tax Credits for Sustainable Development

New Markets Tax Credits can be used not only to support affordable housing in mixed use buildings, but also to fund a construction business which builds them. Energy Tax Credits can reduce the cost of energy better than any compact fluorescent! Learn how they are new energy sources like solar and fuel cells are now being financed so that the building owner pays nothing up front and gets cleaner and cheaper energy. Let these powerful tools make the difference in financing your energy-efficient affordable housing and community development projects.

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