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July 28, 2016 | The Hotel Lafayette, Buffalo, NY

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July 28, 2016
8:30 AM - 6:30 PM (EDT)


The Hotel Lafayette
Buffalo, NY


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April Stephen

Tax credit equity can be a powerful financial engine for attracting critically needed private capital for Historic Rehabilitation and other community development projects. Transforming Communities with Historic Tax Credits: Buffalo and New York, will provide a roadmap for how deals are getting done and what to look for when scouting out the right project to invest in or develop.

Join us in Buffalo on July 28 for this one-day seminar featuring industry experts and government officials as they explore opportunities, resources, and solutions for developing and financing projects using the historic tax credit in Buffalo and New York State.

Our panelists and speakers will touch upon the following topics:

  • The Basics on the Historic Rehabilitation Credit: A refresher for the experienced and a primer for newcomers
  • The New York State Credit: Transforming businesses and homes in Buffalo
  • Hot Button Issues for Investors and Developers
  • Building a Future with Historic Tax Credits in Buffalo and Beyond

Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with business and professional colleagues and hear about what’s happening locally in Buffalo and New York State. Register today!

Who Should Attend

  • Developers and owners of residential, commercial, or mixed-use market-rate or low-income property who are interested in learning more about the rules, strategies, and opportunities of historic credit deals
  • Investors, lenders, syndicators, underwriters, and others involved in financing properties who use, or are considering using, Historic Tax Credits in combination with other financing tools
  • State, tribal, and local officials; nonprofit representatives; and those interested in historic preservation seeking to stay current on the latest techniques designed to finance development as well as preserve or rehabilitate older buildings
  • Real estate and tax attorneys, accountants, consultants, and other advisers to the development community who want up-to-the-minute analyses of applicable regulations, processes, and business considerations to help clients get the most from their Historic Tax Credit projects


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